Teens Done With Texting

by Bonnie

Good morning! I’ll be guest blogging for a couple weeks. In other news:

Teens in the Berkshires have begun to shun texting, citing lack of genuine connection, reports a grownup.

A Monument Mountain student, Whalan had a gut feeling that the technology was not for him.

“I’m against a lot of communication technology,” Whalan said. “I think it’s a way that people put up walls.”

Grace Rossman, fifteen, has expressed her anti-tech feelings by making a film that I really wish was available online.

The movie, titled “i luv u,” follows a boy and a girl as they exchange increasingly deep, meaningful text messages to one another. Then, the two are shown having lunch together, where the viewer discovers the pair don’t have a thing to say to one another face-to-face. Once they part, the film ends with them texting each other, “i luv u.”

“You see?” said every single Berkshire mom this morning over breakfast. “These kids sounds cool. I bet they read books, and get a little fresh air once in a while. They don’t need to be attached to their i-what-have-yous every minute of the-…”etc.