Taylor Swift — “Back to December”

by Liz Colville

This is the video for Taylor Swift’s addictive (despite being sung mostly on one note) single “Back to December.” The song appears to be about Taylor Lautner and how one day she woke up in the middle of their relationship and was like, “Mmmm, no,” but seemed to have forgotten to tell him; just hoped he would figure it out by listening to this song. But in the video “your tanned skin, your sweet smile, so beautiful, so right” is played by a pale gentlemen wearing a scarf he got on Etsy, walking around a sports field covered in snow. Meanwhile, Swift’s hanging around in a house where it snows indoors, and her bangs are so thick I just want to grab them in my hand, then say something complimentary like, “So many bangs, wow,” to make up for having grabbed them. [Via]

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