“Sniffing Women’s Tears Dampens Sexual Desire in Men”

Study of the year!

[Researchers] studied the effect on men of sniffing fresh tears, which [they] collected in vials as they rolled down the faces of women watching weepy movies.


In one experiment, a group of 24 male volunteers sniffed either fresh tears, or drops of saline as a control, before being asked to rate the sadness or sexual appeal of women’s faces that appeared on a computer screen. The men’s sadness ratings were the same regardless of whether they sniffed tears or saline, but 17 men ranked women as less sexually appealing after sniffing tears.

This reminds me a little of SIGTEMPOIGTCYFT (“someone is going to eat my pussy or I’m going to cut your fucking throat”), except here it would be SIGTSMTOIGTCYFT (“someone is going to smell my tears or I’m going to cut your fucking throat”). Smell them!