Sex Tips Inspired by Women’s Magazines

by Diana Vilibert

1. Spontaneity is a major turn-on. Surprise your guy in the shower, with a naughty twist. Jump out from behind the shower curtain and bop him in the head with your loofah while he’s taking a dump.

2. Grab a scrunchy and place it around the base of his penis while you’re going down on him. He’ll be so surprised you still own a scrunchy that you can probably get away with switching to a lazy hand job.

3. Dim the lights and treat him to a sexy lap dance. Try something new, like a spirited Paso Doble.

4. Men love confidence in bed, so as you climax, yell “I’m way out of your league!”

5. Leave one of your sexiest pairs of panties somewhere unexpected for him to find. Like in his briefcase, or at the bottom of tonight’s lasagna.

6. Ask him to tell you his naughtiest fantasies. When he asks you yours, confess that you often dream about leaving him for your college boyfriend.

Diana Vilibert is a freelance writer living in Brooklyn. She used to sneak issues of Cosmo in her textbooks when she was in elementary school, and that’s why she is the way she is.