Plastic Surgery Found to Be Great Cure for Bullying

by Liz Colville

It’s not exactly news that teenagers get plastic surgery. If you’ve ever watched shows like Dr. 90210, quite a few of the subjects are teenage girls giddy about their impending boob jobs and so happy with the results they smile and hug their plastic surgeons and stare at themselves for days. None of them ever seem on the fence, nervous, or disappointed with the results. It’s all just so perfect, to the point that some of us may think, Hmmm, maybe we should do this! Ugh, no!

Anyway, in light of recent high-profile cases of bullying, ABC News decided to investigate the connection between bullying and plastic surgery.

In one case, a girl was so tormented by fellow students making fun of her big nose, which, pictured above, was not even really that big, that she tried to break her nose by banging it against a door. Her mother decided a nose job was the answer. “I can actually have my head high up and…be pretty,” the girl says now.

One of the plastic surgeons interviewed says he sees “a fair amount of parents coming in with their child because of bullying and teasing and feelings of self-consciousness…My preference is, of course, to work out the issues first, the bullying, the teasing. But there are certain situations where people are mature enough. And surgery is a final resort.”

A final resort, as in, you’re driving on a road and you encounter two possible “final resorts”: one is three feet away and the other is three miles away. So obviously you choose the one three feet away?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck asks another woman, who got a pair of D breast implants because she was sick of being made fun of about her 32A chest:

“Do you feel you’ve given in, in some ways, if you turn to something like a surgery to change the appearance because certain people have teased you about…a certain feature?”

“Not at all.”

Fine. Forget it.

This other ABC News video about teens getting plastic surgery because, basically, they bully themselves about their appearance, is also a bummer.