“I’m Accepting That My Future Girlfriend Will Annoy Me Often”

Rich! Rich, are you watching TV? What is that, football? What’re the teams? Who’s winning? Rich, is your team winning? Are they the ones in the pants? Oh I guess they’ve all got those pants. Do you need anything? I’m gonna go get something, I’ll be right back in like two seconds, let me know if you need anything.

When she left, the guys and I discussed how women don’t understand when to talk in relation to the TV. This was a clear example: there were 10 highlights. There was a count down of plays — she knew when it would be over. And it was clear I was with a pack of guys totally engrossed in the highlights, yet she talked like nothing was going on.

One prerequisite I have for a future girlfriend is her ability to … time her TV conversation well.

I can’t not. It’s like a magnet to me.