If You’re Caught Having Sex at School, Say You’re a Diabetic Who Fell Over

Who to believe in this fascinating story of sex and diabetes? Alini Brito, the 30-year-old Brooklyn teacher who was caught up in a drunken sex scandal in December of 2009, is now suing for her job back, claiming that when a witness thought he saw her “naked on the floor with … [coworker Cindy Mauro] between her legs” what he actually saw was Mauro helping her through a diabetic episode. From Brito’s official court filing:

Upon immediately entering the classroom, Brito’s knees buckled, at which point Brito laid down off to the right but at the foot of the classroom door. Mauro assisted Brito by placing Brito’s sweater under her head and elevated her legs in a chair. Mauro also obtained a couple of suger packets from her desk and gave them to Brito. [sic]

But does Brito admit to being naked during this leg-elevating and sugar-receiving? It’s not clear, although the hearing officer seems to have it figured out:

“There is no possible medical, nonsexual assistance that a partially naked person could possibly be rendering to another naked person in the position described.”

Case closed! Don’t have sex at school. Or, keep your blood sugar at the appropriate level. Or, wear sturdy clothes that won’t fall off if your blood sugar does get low and you need to lie on the floor.