If You Want a Girl Baby Eat Your Vegetables

by Liz Colville

Do you want a girl baby? Obviously, because it was ingrained in you from age one by all the dolls of the world, except the few loser boy dolls, of which I have never glimpsed one, except this one. Once again, men are completely off the hook here: it’s apparently only a matter of what the woman eats, and if she eats vegetables and fruits, but not bananas, she is more likely to have a girl, according to Dutch researchers.

If you eat bananas and potatoes, you shall have a boy.

It all has to do with potassium, which is what boys are made of, and calcium and magnesium, which are what girls are made of. The study subjects, who all had boys already, were given things like “goat’s cheese salad, vegetable stew and rice pudding” and were not allowed to have many potatoes or bananas. The result was that 26 women had girls and only six had boys. The researchers are now going to repeat the five-year study with women who have had girls to see if, when injected with potassium, they bear boys. Check back in 2016 for the results. What will things be like then?