How Often Do You Think About Ghosts?

by Bonnie

I think about ghosts every day. In basements, in the woods, in dim winding hallways. Every time I am alone in a house, or even a city apartment at night, I am actively afraid of ghosts. I’ve never seen one, and though I torture myself with haunted movies and books, I don’t have a serious or arguable belief system. But I do believe in them, and I only realized relatively recently just how often they’re on my mind. I just know they are all around me. This doesn’t stop me from doing anything, except basement laundry at night, if I can help it. But it would certainly prevent me from buying a house rumored to be haunted, and nothing could convince or bribe me to spend a night alone in a room with Robert, the haunted doll (one of many haunted dolls. Of course dolls are haunted!)

La-la-la, I think, as I go about my business, I acknowledge your existence and in exchange you will never show yourselves, that’s our deal. Right, ghosts?

Some people fear natural disasters, terrorism, disease or violent crime. But if I’m wandering my apartment in the dark and hear a strange sound, my heart races not at the thought of a break-in, but of a supernatural intruder. Say, a translucent little dead girl, gliding towards me.

How often do you think of ghosts? Ever? Or are your main fears of a more rational sort?

Photo via Flickr