Hand-Drawn Erotic Photo Hunt, Round Two

by The Hairpin

Did you miss Hand-Drawn Erotic Photo Hunt round one? Too refined to be familiar with Erotic Photo Hunt in the first place? It’s the video game in bars where you and a bunch of your drunk friends huddle around a console and touch the screen where you see differences between two pictures of almost-naked ladies, like the one at left. Inspired by this wonderful game, again, we asked a few of our favorite artists to contribute hand-drawn Erotic Photo Hunts, which they very kindly did.

As before, for this one particular post we’ve rigged up all computers around the world to have sensi-screens, so just press where you see the differences, and the first person to spot all … however many of them wins an amazing prize. Ready? Go!

From Lindsay Mound (click here for full-size):

From Sachar Mathias:

From Edith Zimmerman:

From Cecilia Rebecca Ziko:

From Amy Jean Porter:

And from Maggie Innes:

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