Guess Which Girl Scout Cookies They Killed?

Don’t worry, it was only the gross ones. Were you even aware that there was a flavor called Thank U Berry Munch? It apparently tasted “like Cap’n Crunch Berries cereal instead of a cookie,” per an 11-year-old Scout.

Also dead: Dulce de Leches, a failed attempt to “attract the Spanish-speaking market.” (“Quien son esas chicas misteriosas? Con las pequenas boxes de cookies?”) Not everyone is happy to say goodbye to the Dulce de Leches, however: “I can’t believe they took those away,” says one 12-year-old Scout. “We liked them so much I ordered a box and paid for it all by myself, and then my dad went behind my back and ate them.”

And R.I.P. the Thanks-A-Lot, the Lemonades, and the Shout-Outs. For one way to spend the next … 45 seconds, here’s an interactive game of matching the cookies’ names to the cookies themselves. And they say newspapers are dying! (I finished in “just 13 tries.”) And while we’re on the topic of Girl Scouts and food they produce, did anyone else do the thing where they pass around a jar of cream, shaking it until it turned to butter? That was amazing. We should do that more.