F*ck You Shoes

by Allison Davis

Wow, I’m behind the times. I’ve grown used to the reverse psychology of dating — playing it cool when you really just want to play SWV jams on their answering machine — but 2011 is up on some new play-hard-to-get shit. Wearing Fuck Me boots is no longer the way to go on Saturday night. New decade, new strategies: this is the year of Fuck YOU stilettos.

And even though they look like they were made by the misunderstood goth girl in home ec, they were actually made by a famous designer and run a cool G and change (they’re available here), so you can be sure to send the additional message that you’re one expensive bitch. (Also, if you are agile enough to do a roundhouse kick in stilettos, FUCK YOU is the last thing offenders will see before you knock them the fuck out, and how cool is that?!) [Via]