Dry Shampoo: Don’t Put a Bag on Your Head

This came up a few times in the comments last week, so here it is: you should try some dry shampoo. I’m gonna suggest three different brands that I currently use. Yes, currently I use three different brands of dry shampoo! I’ll tell you what they are and how they’re different, but first let me tell you why you’d want to get some:

-Your hair gets greasy looking too quickly after you wash it.

-You want that perfect blow out to last another day or two.

-You’re trying to take it easy on your hair by not washing it every day.

-Just your bangs or the pieces in the front or the hair on top of your head gets oily-looking but the rest is gorgeous.

-You can’t wash your hair at your lover’s house because he doesn’t have a blow dryer and you have to go straight to work from there.

-You’re on a flight to Hong Kong.

Okay, so I have two very different kinds of dry shampoo at home and one that I keep in my desk drawer at work. They are:

Frederic Fekkai Au Naturel Dry Shampoo
I have a big bottle of this in my medicine cabinet at home. I doubt I will ever use it all, a little goes such a long way. This is the one I use just on my greasy-from-my-greasy-forehead bangs on days two and three of not washing my hair. I take a round brush, pick up my bangs with it and sprinkle the powder on them while turning the brush. This drags the powder through every hair. You should only need like three or four shakes of the powder (don’t squeeze this bottle or you’ll have a huge mess!). If you see white spots in your hair, rub it in with your fingers if you need and then brush through until you can’t see the powder anymore. Now you have fresh bangs! The only down side to this one is that it kinda smells like an eraser?

Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo, travel size
This is the one I keep at work. It smells like lemons but it also takes a little longer to blend in, so those are the pros and cons. It works pretty much exactly like the Fekkai one.

Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder
This one is a spray and it’s tinted. If you have lighter hair, I recommend just picking up the white one and use it sparingly. If you have darker hair, get brown or black. This stuff is like magic. Not only does it go on in a very fine spray that absorbs the grease from your hair, but it also creates this really crazy texture in your hair that allows you to get BIG sexy hair super easily. I often spray it at the crown while lifting my hair up and it like stays? If this sounds even mildly intriguing, at least by the little travel size and start playing with it. Have fun, you dirty, dirty girl!

[Ed. note: As always, no one’s paying Jane to say any of these things.]

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