Does He Like Like You?

Have you forgotten about Rich Santos, Marie Claire’s strangely lovable Man Blogger? I think about Rich Santos almost every day. RICH! Today Rich teaches us “3 Ways to Tell If He Likes You,” and here they are:

No. 1 is if he’s willing to eat foods he doesn’t normally eat, like fish. (I’ll leave the implications of that behind, because I’m pretty sure Rich intended no innuendo, but also, thinking about it, if you read Rich’s stuff, a lot of it, just column after column, falling so far down the Rich Santos rabbit hole, it’s not inconceivable to think he’s maybe never actually gone down on a girl. Or if he did it was for like 15 seconds and he freaked out the whole time. Haha. Rich! Or maybe it’s his specialty. I don’t know! Tell me, Rich!!) But yeah, Rich tries salmon with a girl he likes, even though “I’m more of a children’s menu guy, chicken tenders, pasta, soup, chili, meatloaf, etc…not fish sticks.” Things like that are why he is strangely lovable.

No. 2 is if he doesn’t cancel his preexisting date with you to go drinking with his college buddies — but only because you guys aren’t officially boyfriend-girlfriend yet. “If she was my GF, I could cancel on her at the last minute.” I don’t know about that, Rich!

No. 3 is if you make him “late to the bar for the Ravens playoff game” because you’re trying to catch a train to go home. Which is less a “way to tell if he likes you” than a “thing you can take into your own hands,” but oh well.

And although he feels pretty excited about these developments, Rich does still have his doubts. “Do you think it’s bad that I skipped a few things with friends?” he asks. No! Rich, you’re doing great. Good luck in 2011, Rich.