Cat Lives in Tree

by Liz Colville

Almond was born in this tree along with his siblings, who have since “up and left” with their mother. But Almond plans on staying in the tree forever, partly because the man whose tree the property sits on provides him room (tree) service, climbing the approximately 12 feet twice a day to check on him and feed him things like meatloaf and salami. The man, Ron Venden, says he can tell by the undisrupted snow around the tree that Almond hasn’t climbed down in months, and when he’s tried to remove him from the tree, “it starts scratching.” IT? Says the man’s daughter of this cat-man relationship: “In his younger days, I would have never, ever, ever pictured him getting so attached (to a cat) in my life.” Ever ever EVER. In her LIFE. Jealous. [Via]

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