Blog Really Wants Condoleezza Rice to Get Married

by Liz Colville

“Why Condoleezza Rice Is a Great Catch” is a slideshow currently on MSN’s BLTWY blog, and appears to be part of Condi’s suggestively timed recent resurgence in the media — last week, for instance, she did a long and painful interview on Larry King replacement Piers Morgan’s CNN show. The slideshow is actually derived largely from the CNN interview, and reminds us that Condi is really into football, knows how to cook, has style, is a trailblazer, likes working out, has “a way with words,” is bringing in good money as a Stanford professor, and knows how to “rock out” because she is a classically trained pianist and was once in a band. But aside from the boobosity of mentioning some of those facts in relation to Condi’s catchability, who is this article for? Could any of the people who read this article possibly be eligible bachelors or bachelorettes for Condi? Is Condi just supposed to go for any old MSN-blog-reading fool? (Thanks for the link, Meredith!)