Woman Proudly References Her Crime in Mug Shot Facial Expression

Karen Lueders of Wisconsin, a grandmother, bit off her husband Willard’s tongue earlier this week:

It is unclear why Karen, pictured in the above mug shot, bit off Willard’s tongue. Though Willard — in written responses to police questions — said that his wife was a in “manic state” when he was attacked, and had been “talking very fast and talking about spiritual things” over the past few days.

Willard said that he had gotten up at around 11:15 PM to go to the bathroom, where his wife was sitting on the toilet. “He advised that he kissed her while she was sitting on the toilet and that she had gone into a manic state, biting off his tongue,” according to a criminal complaint filed today. Willard added that his wife had also grabbed his penis.

OK, so he leaned down to French kiss her while she was going to the bathroom, and then she grabbed his penis and bit off his tongue, because of her spirituality. OK. That’s what happened. They also attempted to reattach his tongue, which means she didn’t … eat it, I guess. Marriage! “My mom and dad just make it work.”