Where Have You Peed to Impress a Date?

This woman peed on a selection of bagels and cookies in a store’s walk-in freezer, and was subsequently charged with criminal mischief. But, as she explained on her Facebook page:

Omg have you ever liked someone so much and go out with them and make a fool of yourself????? wish I could take back friday night!!!!! But youngstown is on point wish my friend could forgive me!!!!!!

We’ve all been there. One time I peed on the floor of the DMV because a hot guy ahead of me in line — well, he didn’t say anything specifically, but I could just tell it was what he wanted me to do. (OK but also, after thinking about this, it’s not completely beyond the pale that this could happen to anyone[ish] who drinks a lot. Like, a lot-a lot. And guys do this sort of thing all the time [just day in, day out] without drawing attention to themselves by squatting. I guess it all circles back to the Stand2Pee method. Helping us pee on our bagels and other people’s bagels in peace.) [Via]