This Guy Is Just Trying to Help

Greg D. of Christian dating advice site PureAttract teaches three “foolproof” ways for men to strike up conversations with women they’ve never met. And although my knee-jerk reaction is to make fun of this — and also because he inspires a physical recoil at 1:27, his conversation-topic examples are a little (a lot) weird, and the camera is … very close to his face — if this helps nervous guys make connections with people, then good for this video.

Talking to people is hard, and from what I’ve been led to understand girls can sometimes be terrifying. And this dude’s not nearly as slithery and repulsive as the deceit-advocate Mystery, who’s probably colored our collective opinion of guys who advise other guys on how to meet women. (Like, a dark, dark, angry color, or like an intense scribble so hard it tears the paper.) Plus, let’s be real, being told something weird about your boots is better than being told nothing about anything. (“Omg, I can’t believe that creep talked to me” is often inwardly synonymous with “Yay, someone talked to me. He was weird, but whatever!”) My pro tip for talking to strange women is to introduce yourself — “Hi, I’m [name]” — while standing at least two feet away.

Update: Argh, the original video has been pulled, but someone else ripped it, which is what you’re seeing right now, so I’m not sure whether I’m part of the problem or the solution, but oh well.

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