The Prickly Spheres

by Liz Colville

The CW is thinking about optioning a Glee-type program about a “struggling rock band” created by a sort of important music manager type, Jeff Kwatinetz, who used to manage Britney Spears and now manages a strange nostalgic assortment of bands including Ice Cube, Backstreet Boys and R. Kelly.

The show is tentatively called The Prickly Spheres. So, strange fruits from exotic lands? I was going to say ‘lychee’ but never mind, not prickly? The outside of a chestnut? As a commenter on Vulture said, “Like…shaved balls?” Hedgehogs when they are rolled up in fear? As I am rolled up in fear at most of the things this network is doing lately?

As told to Vulture, “the potential show will revolve around a classical-music prodigy who turns down a full ride at Julliard and instead ends up joining an alternative-rock band in Minneapolis filled with quirky but super-talented musicians.” This sounds more like Flight of the Conchords to me than Glee, so maybe there’s hope. But the title. THE TITLE!

Photo by Geoff Haynes via Flickr