The Inner Monologue of the Woman Who Fell Down on This Live News Broadcast

“OK, time to — omg is that a TV camera, holy shit it is, I’m gonna walk by, oh my god I’m going to be on TV I think, aaand I think I’m literally on TV right now?! OK be cool, be cool, walk normal, am I walking normal? What is even walking normal? Omg do I dare walk directly behind him?! Lol, that is ridiculous, but I mean there’s always a CHANCE, like a basically nonexistant chance but a chance nonetheless, that someone’s like ‘Who is that woman; she’s perfect for my upcoming movie,’ and then I guess they’d get in touch with the news company or whatever, and I don’t know how (maybe they’ll put up posters with my face around campus? haha what am I EVEN THINKING), but anyway, they’d eventually find me and then, I mean, I know it’s crazy, but stranger things have happened, and you never know unless you — “


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