Tennis — “Pigeon”

by Liz Colville

Strange, but Tennis is the name of a band, and “Pigeon” is one of their songs. This promising husband-and-wife duo from South Carolina went sailing around the world for quite a stretch, and started writing the songs that make up their forthcoming debut album, Cape Dory, when they returned, realizing that music might be the best way to communicate what they experienced. As hinted at in this video session with Yours Truly, their “landlocked city” friends may or may not have been all, “Oh, shut up about your sailing trip!” when they returned. The word “paradigm” is used, hm. Tennis’s sound is, not surprisingly given its inspiration, soothing and warm weather-appropriate, but who’s to say we won’t need some of that very, very badly come January 18, when the album drops. [Via]

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