Sugar Daddy Dating Website Offers Kelsey Grammer $1 Million

From a press release this morning:

[With] the recent news of the dissolution of his third marriage and the swift announcement of his engagement to 29-year old Kayte Walsh, Kelsey Grammer proves that he knows exactly what it takes to win the heart of a younger woman, and is seeking out his prowess. SugarSugar is a new Internet dating site that connects financially-established men with women interested in the “sugar” lifestyle. Sugar Sugar aims to facilitate mutually rewarding relationships between “Sugar Daddy” and “Sugar Baby” members.

To launch, is offering Kelsey Grammer $1 million to endorse the online dating service as the official “Sugar Daddy Spokesman.” With this deal, Grammer is also invited to share his expert “sugar dating” expertise in monthly “Mentor” posts on the site’s blog (, which would feature a Q&A session with Sugar Sugar members. In addition to the monetary compensation, will also provide Mr. Grammer with a lifetime membership.

Kelsey Grammer, the man all women want, the man all men want to be. In related news, do you want to be a Sugar Baby?

You could meet and be given money and/or diamonds from such charming and totally real men as Steven B., Jonathan P., and Scott J., all of whom have naturally gray hair that grew directly out of their heads as pictured.

Aw, Jared S.