Something About Girl Crushes of 2010

by Liz Colville

The Daily Beast published a piece slideshow called “Girl Crushes of 2010” today, and oh dear, oh dear, might be the only appropriate reaction. While the women themselves are for the most part great — Emma Watson, Cleopatra author Stacy Schiff, Patti Smith, to name three — the words used to describe them ensure that anyone taking a test on hyperbole will do really well if they just “read” this slideshow.

On Kate Middleton:

Who didn’t fall in love with the newly minted Catherine Elizabeth, future princess, on the day she and Wills announced their engagement this fall?

Yoohoo! Over here!

On Tiny Furniture’s Lena Dunham:

…frighteningly talented…Did we mention she’s only 24?

You could say that. You could also barf while saying it!

On Felisa Wolfe-Simon, the NASA geomicrobiologist who penned the paper about the arsenic aliens:

Whatever the ultimate consensus, it’s hard not to admire a young female scientist who’s challenging the established thinking.

I’d say it’s hard not to admire a young arsenic alien who’s challenging the established thinking. Credit where credit is due, if it even is.

On Emma Watson:

At a time when so many young starlets seem to be tripping into adulthood one bong hit at a time, we salute Watson for pulling it off with elegance.

Um, I can only count one young starlet “tripping into adulthood one bong hit at a time,” and which definition of “tripping”? It would be cool if they meant the drug one, but I don’t think they do.

On Patti Smith:

Anyone who’s seen Smith play — even just the short acoustic set she performed at last year’s PEN gala — knows her particular brand of personal magic. Now that she’s committed it to print, generations to come will get the special privilege of feeling so close to greatness.


On Stacy Schiff:

For writing a profoundly modern book about an immortal woman, Schiff earned our undying affection.

“Undying affection.” OK, Mr. Darcy at the end of Pride and Prejudice.

Photo by Nick Warner via Wikipedia