Shaving Things That Shouldn’t Be Shaved

In a post titled “Do You Compromise Your Beliefs for Beauty?” an Allure blogger writes:

I hate to admit this: I’m an occasional arm shaver. I did it more in college than I do now, but it still gets my goat, because: A. I feel like it shouldn’t be a thing and B. I’m not even exceptionally hairy. If I was, maybe I could make peace with this practice. So why do I still go back to a treatment I’m loathe to admit to? Because I like how it looks and feels.

As a human woman, I understand the appeal of dangerous beauty products — if something could give me perfect skin, I’d probably sacrifice 60 years of my life, plus all my children, plus all my money, plus everything, please, take whatever you want, just take it, take it, take it!!! — but also, what could feel WORSE than a stubbly arm? If your arms were exceptionally hairy or dark, I can see bleaching or waxing, but shaving? Eek. Reminds me of when I was 11 and a family member alerted me to the fact I had a unibrow, so I used a razor to shave an off-center chunk between my eyes.

So, that’s the thing that I shaved that I wasn’t supposed to shave. I also once used my mom’s razor, which was just a raw razor blade on a metal stick (!?), and shaved in a WAY that I wasn’t supposed to shave, and ended up filling the bathtub with blood. Which is all just a roundabout way of quietly hoping you’ll share your misguided shaving stories? (I set this up perfectly, I think.)