Prom Memories

This contract that students in South Carolina are required to sign in order to attend their prom is both funny and sad (you can’t even slow dance with arms around the neck?!), but also, of course, brings back memories of prom. Except all of mine suck [insert 45 minutes of writing and deleting stupid/humiliating/deeply boring prom stories] but maybe yours are good? Haha. Give me your stories in exchange for nothing! The closest my school-dance experience came to interesting was when the Pajama Jam had to get broken up because I think a bunch of girls were getting fingered against the wall or something? Oh my god! I’m sorry. I wasn’t even at that dance, I just heard about it the next day.

Oh, no, actually my favorite school-dance memory is from eighth grade, slow-dancing with this kind of nerdy guy who had somehow managed to put on just the absolute right amount of cologne, and I remember thinking, “This is what adulthood is. Slow-dancing with a man.”