Our Smartest Cities

by Liz Colville

Portfolio.com went around the country, figuratively speaking, to uncover the smartest American cities, or rather “America’s Brainiest Bastions.” As seems to be the case with every list imaginable, Colorado is very well represented! Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs all make the 25-city list, while New York City is not in there at all! But little suburban remnants of it, including the interlocked duo of Bridgeport-Stamford, CT, plus Hartford, CT, and Trenton, NJ are present.

The rankings are based on the “collective brainpower” of the largest 200 markets in the country, and “educational attainment” is the chief factor Portfolio looked at. And if you’re curious, the bottom-most markets in the country lie in California and Texas, where high school dropouts tend to “outnumber” college graduates. But which city is number one?! The photo is your clue.

Photo by Ken Kinder via Wikipedia