One Reason Not to Wear Your Wedding Ring While Stripping

This is too insane not to share. From an email exchange this morning:

And another thing, because for some reason I think that this story will, I don’t know, if not amuse you at least surprise you. So, I have a cousin who’s a nurse, and she was in town this weekend for her birthday and we hung out. She works occasionally, I guess, in the ER, and so she was telling me about this one recent patient. The woman was a stripper, and her injury pole dancing related. Apparently, she was pole dancing while wearing her wedding ring, and so she was doing some sort of spin on the pole, swinging around it in some manner, when somehow her ring caught on something just as her body weight was being supported almost entirely by that swinging hand. AND: it tore off her finger. At the first knuckle, below the ring.

I was thinking about what it must have been like for the dudes who were sitting watching her dance. But you’re sitting, I guess watching the naked dancing, when the woman does a spin and pop, off comes her finger, and maybe it flies on someone or else just lands on the stage with a bit of blood, and, of course, the dancer probably falls immediately off the pole, bleeding from her hand, and I would bet screaming. And do the observers realize what happened immediately? Or do they think they’re just at a really, really weird strip club?

And what if it awakens a terrible fetish!? Be careful, everyone!

Photo via Flickr