Just Try to Have Cravings for Swiss Chard

by Liz Colville

Duh, I think, but what you eat when you’re pregnant might be exactly what the baby wants to eat when it comes out. The problem with this is that hormones make us want to eat horridly delicious things like thrice-cooked french fries (try the ones at the Ace Hotel, several days in a row), but if you could chase those with a double-shot of wheat grass, that would be great.

Along with this research about sensitive baby palates is research showing that women are most likely to be “supertasters,” which is both good and bad, because among the things supertasters hate are “green vegetables, grapefruit juice, coffee and soy products, as well as overly sweet things,” and that can all go haywire during pregnancy. So, godspeed, in other words, plus, I am very freaked out about this eating-for-two thingy and so will put off this nine-month pastime for as long as hormonally possible. [Via]