How Music Works!

by Liz Colville

God bless the BBC when they aren’t firing middle-aged women. There is a new BBC program called How Music Works with a very sensual-looking credit sequence and a whole lot to say about music after “looking under its bonnet.” It’s narrated by a kind of nerd Mentalist, who tells us that “the melodies” in music “somehow convey the story and the meanings on their own.” BUT HOW, GUY?

His first music clip is of Aretha Franklin singing “I Say A Little Prayer,” yay, so that’s how. Then he has several people sing songs that are important to their cultures. The English/American guy looks like Ken Burns but with longer hair, and can’t really sing! He sings “I Am Sailing”?

Vast portions of the series are on YouTube, for now, and the blog BrainPickings provides links to all of them.

If you don’t have time for such educational programs, I think this is also How Music Works…?


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