Here, Watch These Christmas Movies You’ve Seen a Million Times

by Liz Colville

The UK newspaper The Independent is concerned that you may be depressed, full, and hung over come December 26, because you do celebrate Christmas, don’t you? Don’t you? Of course you do. You live in the seat of the British Empire. You surely must be Christian! So it suggests watching the exact films that I think might be the reason some people actually get depressed around holiday times in the first place: the déjà vu, the sheer THIS AGAIN of it all, the time-capsule cuteness of that Culkin kid, that antithesis of Rear Window Jimmy Stewart performance, the Miracle of Midtown, etc, etc. Someone worked really hard on this slideshow. So if you’re feeling like Scrooge (like me, clearly) and don’t want to swallow this cloying pill again, check out this doomsday holiday reading list, which includes a book called Spoilt Rotten!: The Toxic Cult of Sentimentality.