Has a Food Container Ever Made You Laugh?

So this guy apparently bought a bag of Doritos only to discover that the bag’s contents were solely “three chips and a chiplete.” (Chiplete! Chiplete, chiplete, chiplete.) Oh no you didn’t, Doritos!

Haha, yes you did! Oh well. The guy only stands to gain in this situation (… if what he wants to gain is more Doritos).

All he needs to do is call Doritos and say “not enough Doritos,” and they’ll almost certainly send him more Doritos. In college I bought a single-serving package of Special K that had only 19 flakes inside, so I called Kellogg’s (“I’m angry about my cereal!”), and they immediately sent me a $10 gift certificate in the mail. I was so happy I never used it! Who is the joke on in this circumstance?

In any case, is there already a blog dedicated to letters to customer service? It’s also fun to write companies to tell them when they do a good job. (One of my favorite email exchanges was when I sent fan mail to Garnet Hill for making a beautiful and extremely soft flannel comforter cover, and they responded by saying how touched they were and how they had “shared [my] email with the rest of [their] staff.” Aaand now I’m wondering if that was even true.) Anyway, customer service. They are here to help.