Gwyneth Paltrow’s Winter Boot Must-Haves

by Liz Colville

“I don’t know how it is where all of you are, but I am freezing my ass off,” begins my buddy Gwyneth P.’s latest GOOP newsletter, which is a list of boots that she wants you to consider buying this winter. But why can’t she tell us where she is? Has she not gained our trust by now? And how is she freezing? Doesn’t she have a state-of-the-art green heating system that harnesses the fireballs of the sun and puts them in her fireplace?

After gushing over a number of animal hide foot wraps, she generously throws a “much needed” creature-friendly pair of shearlings on the list — “much needed” because they help offset all the hide-shoes lying around in the spare apartment she uses as a closet — designed by Stella McCartney, presumably “a very dear friend of mine.” She also includes some lace-up shoe/boots, a collaboration between J. Crew and Quoddy, which she says are “for the well-executed androgynous look,” as opposed to the plain old androgynous look. BE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING WITH ANDROGYNY BEFORE BEGINNING.

Lastly (for our purposes), some cray-cray Topshop heels combining shearling and buckles and did I mention heels. “Topshop, as usual, has come through with some great, affordable on-trend booties for the winter — ,” Gwyneth says, “a great alternative to my Burberry Prorsum pair for $1,095.” She even includes a picture of her Burberry Prorsum pair for $1,095, just as proof, but no link to actually buy those boots, because LOL that’s never going to happen! But try eBay in two years.