Gisele Bundchen’s Cartoon About Fashion and the Environment

“Gisele and the Green Team follows the adventures of Gisele Bundchen as she protects the Earth from harm. She and a group of teens run the GPlanet fashion boutique but then spring into action when called upon by Patricia. Nick Slick has one goal in life, to make money no matter what harm it does to the environment. It’s up to Gisele and the Green Team to take him down. Watch their adventures, play games and learn all about the environment and how you can be a part of the Green Team.” Patricia!

Yes, so Gisele the supermodel is saving the planet with this eco-friendly cartoon, and she is also totally charming in an interview with the Times’ Dave Itzkoff about it:

These girls, they are not powerful individually — they are only powerful together. This is why I had the different ek-ni-ti-ci –- ek-ni-ci –- agh, look at my accent. Oh my God, I can’t say this word.

That’s O.K., I know what you mean.

Oh, God. Brazilians trying to speak English. This is why they say: “We can’t have your voice in the cartoon. Because people are not going to understand you, Gisele.” I say: “I want to be the voice in the cartoon! I want to be my voice!” They say, “You can’t, because people are going to be like, ‘What did you just say?’” I’m like: “O.K. I want them understand.” So fine, they don’t need to have my voice. But I hope you understand me. I’m trying here.

Yes, but who is Patricia? Also, omg, Episode Two is called “The Case of the Illicit Arsenic”! Gisele knew about the aliens!!!

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