Garfield [Almost] Weighs in on the Lil Wayne Lasagnagate

The Hairpin: Garfield, as a lasagna fan, have you heard about “Lasagnagate”?

Garfield: No.

H: Lil Wayne has a lyric in his new song 6’7″ that goes “Real Gs move in silence like lasagna,” meaning real Gs are silent like how the G in lasagna is silent — except is the G in lasagna silent? It’s pronounced with the N. Does that make it a stupid line? Or is it still clever?

G: Ugh.

H: What?

G: YOU’re stupid.

H: No I’m not!

G: Yes you are, leave me alone.

H: Garfield, please talk to me.

G: No.

H: I’ll give you $45.

G: Now or later?

H: … Later. But like literally as soon as we finish talking.

G: Orrr just give it to me now.

H: OK, I can’t actually give it to you now, but —

G: No. [Walks to his bed.]

H: [Following] Garfield, Questlove of The Roots doesn’t seem to like the line. Do you like Questlove?

G: I said leave me alone.

H: Garfield, you’re not even doing anything!

G: I don’t have to talk to you if I don’t want.

H: Garfield! I used to read you every day for like 10 years!

G: Thanks.

H: [Too loudly] YOU’RE WELCOME!

G: [Silence]

H: Sorry, I guess … ughhhhh I don’t even know. Anyway, this is the song. You probably won’t even like it.