“Examples of Teen Female Sexualization”

by Liz Colville

Oh, Parents Television Council: so OTM if what you are trying to achieve with this video is to gross people out. This montage, featuring clips primarily from CW shows like 90210 and Gossip Girl, but also Glee and a few unidentifiable others (what do I know), is part of their grumpy report on the oversexualization of underage women on teen-and-up programming.

Fair enough, the saliva scene featured here is disgusting, but what concerns me more is that each and every one of these shows, with rare episodic exceptions, is a ghastly waste of time. Is there a Television Council that can make some video montages illustrating the tragedy that is network television? Here, essentially, are our options:

1. Crime shit
2. Vampire shit
3. Another similar vampire shit the next night
5. Tiny tanned girls running around in underwear or bras
6. 30 Rock, yay!
7. Ahhh give the supporting cast of Community more dialogue!
8. People overcoming things and conspiring against each other at the same exact time
9. Charlie Rose 4 LIFE
10. Charred bones in a pit

Am I missing anything? Please do tell, because the books in my house all have eyes, and I heard if I make eye contact with them I will die.

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