Black Swan and Eating Disorders!

In an excellently titled blog post, Hairpin pal Meghan Keane looks at the unsettling and only sort of nervously murmured-about problem with freaky ballerina drama Black Swan (which trusted sources tell me is fantastic!), which is that somewhere along the way, the line between what the actors did to lose all that weight — healthy, responsible Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis — and what their characters do in the movie to keep off the weight — bulimic Nina and non-bulimic Ali — gets blurred beyond recognition. Uh oh, it’s almost as if that line is looking at itself in the mirror, sweaty and panicked, only to see its reflection doing something different! And are those feathers coming out of the line’s back?! Aaah! Truly can’t wait to see this movie. Might have to temporarily overcome my paralyzing fear of movie theaters. Or just wrap myself in plastic. (The bugs, duh.)