Because the Only Thing Separating You and Runway Fashion Is Time

by Liz Colville

There is this socialite woman who is married to some rich South American man. They had a very expensive wedding in the posh city of Cartagena, Colombia a few years ago, and it was featured in Vogue, and the woman is also a contributing editor to the magazine, but, well, conflict-of-interest has never been in that magazine’s vocabulary. The bridesmaids’ dresses all looked like rare pastel-colored pearls, but it was really hot on the Big Day and so lots of people had makeup pouring down their faces.

Anyway, now the woman — Lauren Santo Domingo née Davis — is starting a new website with an ex-Gilt Groupe exec that will allow you to purchase high-quality fashions immediately after they appear on the runway.

Here’s the fine print: you don’t have any money. Here’s some more fine print: you’ll actually have to wait about 48 hours after the runway show is completed, then you’ll have to make a 50% deposit, then you’ll have to wait another four months to get the stuff. But fortunately!:

unlike a trunk show, you don’t have to get dressed up, rub elbows with ladies that lunch, and sipping champagne is optional.


Photo by Maciek Kobielski for Paris Vogue (via)