Akon — “No Labels”

by Liz Colville

The R&B; star Akon, NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg, and several other high-profile people have joined forces to fight “hyper-partisanship” with a new group called No Labels. The organization’s motto is “Not Left. Not Right. Forward.” But, confusingly, No Labels says labels are actually fine. “Never give up your label,” reads a post on the group’s blog, “just put it aside to do what’s best for America.” I really think it would be fine if they asked us to give up our labels! Live a little!

Anyway, zzz, the interesting thing about this is that Akon created an “anthem” for No Labels called, yes, “No Labels.” No Labels is also calling on people to make videos for the song. The thing is, the song is actually kind of lovely, if autotuned, if featuring a fake guitar, if lyricized ridiculously, if featuring quotes from well-known Democratic presidents’ speeches and one super famous very nice Republican one (also a Martin Luther King, Jr. shoutout at the end). But the little synth pattern in the chorus is kind of sick! Excerpts:

We may not understand this whole process and how things go
I’m just an ordinary man trying to live free and God knows
See a man with a blue tie
See a man with a red tie
So how about we tie ourselves together and get it done
Do what’s right for America

Have a listen!

Akon — “No Labels”


Photo by Cid & Ben via Wikipedia