Age 40 the Cutoff for Acting Like an Idiot

Are you under 40 and did you do something stupid recently? It’s because of your soft, unfinished brain. Says a neuroscientist:

“Until about 10 years ago, it was pretty much assumed that the human brain stops developing in early childhood. But we now know that is far from the truth, in fact most regions of the human brain continue to develop for many decades. The region that goes through the most protracted development is the pre-frontal cortex at the front of the brain. It is involved in decision-making, planning and inhibiting inappropriate social behaviour and also things like social awareness and understanding other people and empathy. This region starts to develop very early on after conception and … continues to develop well into a person’s 30s and even 40s.”

Which must be why everyone over 40 always does everything right. I’ve always wondered why that was.