Woman Tells People How to Run Websites

by Liz Colville

Google VP Marissa Mayer took the stage at New York’s WWD CEO Conference this week to advise people who run fashion and retail websites how to run said websites. That is to say, how to run them if they have any hope of being found on Google. This strikes me as sad and creepy and alarming, even though Google is all I ever think about.

Mayer advised the audience not to use Adobe Flash too much on their sites because Google algorithms “don’t like it.” How did we get to the point where this giant company doesn’t care about its customers, oh, except in the sense that it gives them nice, free Web-based products? Also, you just know when planning the conference the Google boys were all, “Marissa, why don’t you talk to them. You like clothes and hair and shopping and stuff!” [Via]