What’s So Special About This Coveted Lalaloopsy Doll?


In case you’ve been living under a rock, have no tiny daughters, or, for whatever reason, don’t have a Google Alert for “doll” (but that’s easily fixable), you might not be aware that this blue-haired Lalaloopsy doll — a line of dolls whose theme song sounds like an SNL spoof — is apparently THE HOT TOY of 2010. Her name is Mittens Fluff ’n’ Stuff, and although she doesn’t do anything or even have brushable hair, her appeal is her backstory: she was “born” on the first day of winter and made of Eskimo scarves. (And, OK, a little digging reveals that the hook for the Lalaloopsies is that they’re rag dolls who’ve come to life and taken on the personality of the fabric they’re made of, which is actually pretty genius.) So there you have it. Something to talk about at holiday parties. (“I know what I want for Christmas — but can’t have.”)

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