Used Fish Condoms Available for Only $800

Does your boyfriend find modern condoms too cheap? Tight? Flexible? Disposable? It’ll soon be his lucky day, as a set of five reusable condoms made 110 years ago from the swim bladders of fish — the things that kept them buoyant — are going up for auction November 9. They’re estimated to go for £300 to £500 ($480 to $800), which seems steep until you learn you can actually use them up to 10 times each. Oh my goddd! Think of all the careful peeling and unpeeling! Oh, and some of them have already been used.

Which would also make the most wonderful rom-com: “Woman Buys (Inherits?!) Vintage Used Condoms, Gets Pregnant With Sperm From 1900, Is Visited by and Eventually Falls in Love With Eccentric Ghost of Condoms’ Owner, Gives Birth to Ghost Baby, and Kills Self to Be With New Ghost Family.” Oops, I think I’m giving away the whole plot! [Via]