The Queen’s Facebook Fans Can Also Type

by Liz Colville

The Queen of England joined Facebook this week, but in a bit of short-sightedness, her people failed to realize that “fans” don’t necessary have to be actually fans of the Queen and her peeps to become “fans” of her. So among the 200,000-plus people she’s attracted to her page so far are quite a few who are still mourning the 1997 death of Princess Diana and are not happy with Prince Charles’s choice of second wife, his longtime squeeze Camilla Parker-Bowles. Being that the country is very much in love with its royals, these opinionated folk “were outweighed by positive messages, however.” And they get so into it! “’Glad that Charles has found happiness with Camilla — let’s accept that they were meant for each other and draw a veil over the past,” writes one. Let’s.

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