The Hard, Precise Science of Flirting

by Liz Colville

The brainy bombshells over at my favorite lady magazine have decided to write an article about a study on the flirting women of the world in which flirting is defined as how frequently you contact a man on the Internet. So as far as contacting men on the Internet goes, the women of the United States come in second-to-last place, just ahead of Ecuador. Spain is number one.

I wonder what American women are doing instead of contacting men on the Internet, or flirting with the wild blue yonder like the woman in this photo? Hopefully winking at them, touching their forearms while laughing at their jokes, doing suggestive things with maraschino cherries, fanning themselves with their skirt if it gets too hot, or just cutting straight to The Sprinkler, using one of the automatic taps in a bar bathroom instead of a sprinkler, if necessary.