That Annoyingly Sweet Couple in Office

by Liz Colville

I go back and forth about the couple who runs the country/runs the guy who runs the country. First I think, Awww, they’re so cute. They obviously actually love each other, at least for now. Then I start to think that they’re my parents for some reason, and I go, You guys! Gross! Stop! You’re on TV! But regardless, for the time being, Michelle and Barack Obama aren’t getting any less endearing, as indicated by their interview with Barbara Walters over Thanksgiving weekend, in which they talk about fashion and other important things. The dog even makes an appearance! And I think — is that Barack’s hand on Michelle’s leg?! Some excerpts to follow. Apparently Michelle, like an untold number of her subjects, hides purchases from her significant other.

Barack: She’s got to sneak in something, you know…
Michelle: Like, that’s not new.
Barack: She’s got that old strategy -’No, no, that’s old’.
Michelle: Yeah.
Barack: Meaning that she bought it a month ago, it’s the first time she’s wearing it, but…
Michelle: Technically.
Barack: …Technically it’s not brand new.
Michelle: It’s not new.

Sly! The president also insists he knows the difference between one Michelle dress and another.

Later, when asked if she minds people chattering about her toned arms all day, Michelle says:

No, I will never get sick of people talking about my toned arms. If it’s a positive compliment, I am a woman, just, like, bring it on.

OK, I shall. But what I need to know is how they get so toned. Anything? Does anything need to happen? I’ve been doing three sets of push-ups once a month, which doesn’t seem to work. More vegetables? Was she just Born This Way? The transcript of the interview and some video clips are here, in case you were watching Beyoncé or whatever at the time. [Via]