“Should We Have An Abortion? I Don’t Know! Do You Know?”

by Liz Colville

The Internet is a lot like helicopter parents, getting in the way of people’s dreams but occasionally being helpful and saving them from being failures or whatever. An American couple has decided to ask the world — meaning the Internet — whether they should have an abortion or not. I can understand asking the world where you should live, but this is like saying, “I really wish tons of opinionated people would erupt into argument on a website I’ve made just for them” and then having your dream come true. Apparently even 4chan has gotten involved. Great.

The URL is pretty savvy — BirthOrNot.com — which suggests this could go the way of MyFreeImplants.com and be a lucrative enterprise for all, not just this one couple. But the couple has made things really difficult for people with any heart by uploading “regular scan images of the foetus, which is a perfectly-healthy boy they have nicknamed ‘Wiggles.’” They also have ads on their site. As of November 15, Wiggles “is now approximately the size of an avocado with an average crown to rump measurement of 4.6 inches.”

The mom-to-be-or-not-to-be, 30, has explained her indecision on her blog. She says she “fears the pressure of juggling motherhood and a career could cause her to have a nervous breakdown.” Fair enough. Anyway, the voting is going to continue for the next two weeks, until she reaches the legal deadline to have an abortion. Currently there are more people in favor of them having an abortion — 53.73 percent vs. 46.27.