Science Considers the Butterface

Looking to sleep with a male college student tonight? Of course you are, as they’re the wisest and coolest of all men. Good news, then, for ugly women with hot bodies: a stunning new study shows that male college students looking for long-term relationships care more about a woman’s face than her body, while guys looking for flings feel the opposite. In the study, men were shown pictures of women with both their face and body covered up, then asked to pick which they’d rather see.

Among male participants, 25 percent of those who were told to consider the person as a long-term partner chose to see the figure, compared with 51 percent who chose the body if they were looking at a potential short-term partner.

Which sounds like it — the bag-head, bag-body thing — also has the potential to be an amazing but deeply scarring college party game.

Photo by abbynormy.