Sarah Palin Not the Savviest at Twitter

by Liz Colville

Sarah Palin doesn’t use the ‘favorite’ function on Twitter, she claims, after being accused of starring a particularly offensive tweet from the account of Ann Coulter. The conservative commentator’s tweet was of a picture of a church sign that read: “The blood of Jesus against Obama history made 4 Nov 2008 a Taliban Muslim illegally elected president USA: Hussein.” Palin told ABC’s Jake Tapper, “Jake, I’ve never purposefully ‘favorited’ any Tweet. I had to go back to my BlackBerry to even see if such a function was possible. I was traveling to Alaska that day…it was an obvious accidental ‘favoriting.’” Savvy by accident! As for Coulter, Palin said she was “obviously being tongue-in-cheek.” All this over a lil’ star that’s nice in theory — a scrapbook of tweeted memories. But really, does anyone use the favorite function? [Via]

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