Ranking US Cities By Hotness

by Liz Colville

Travel + Leisure just published its annual reader-chosen “America’s Favorite Cities,” which this year ranks metropolitan areas in categories including physical attractiveness and far less important ones like weather, culture, food, and shopping. The hottest city in America is … let me just save you from another arduous 20-minute slideshow, which includes not pictures of the hot people inhabiting the chosen cities but some really hot buildings and landmarks … Charleston, SC. New York doesn’t make the list despite having 8 million people to choose from. Now how exactly is this list ranked? HOW? It turns out outdoor activity kind of automatically translates into hotness for the people who voted this year. It also helps if these active people live in a place that has fancy things for them to wear/carry/drive. Oh, this country.

Photo by designatednaphour via Flickr